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Welcome to this year’s 14-Day Challenge! We’re excited that you have decided to set these 14 days leading up to easter for a focused, intentional time of reading Scripture, meditating, prayer and fasting. We hope that this experience helps you to connect with Jesus in a way that you haven’t.

About the 14-Day Challenge

We believe that one of the most powerful things you can do to become more like Jesus is to read the Bible, reflect on what you have read and spend time talking with God about it. If you can do this for 14 days in a row, you will be shocked at what God will do in you.

About Reading, Meditation and Prayer

We have chosen 14 selections from the Psalms. These are prayers to God written thousands of years ago that might surprise you with how much you can relate to them.

We have also provided some guidance on how to meditate on each reading. Don’t feel weird about the word “meditate”. It simply means to slow down, focus on what you are reading and spend time considering what God might want to tell you through the Bible.

Finally, we have included some prayers written by some of our CrossPoint staff in response to what God has said to us through these scripture readings. Make them your own. Add to them or pray them more than once if you like – and then listen. God wants to speak to you, and He will if you let Him.